Julie described by Edgar

The quotes she has in the pocket :

" We have to travel to rub and file his brain against that of others."-Montaigne
" The best we can bring back from travels, is yourself, healthy and alive."-Persian proverb
" What matters is not the journey, it is the one with whom you travel with" J..Gendry


lemi-1.jpgJulie has a particular interest in the trip. Initiated in early age with a journey backpack for several months to 2 years, a cycling trip of 200 miles to reach Ticino with his father and brother in 12 years and many trips on four continents, she likes to discover other horizons, other cultures or marvel at beautiful landscapes.

While literary scientist this passionate of photography in the early 20th century and independent cinema is the reference for the good cultural and organizational plans. Active and dynamic, Julie perceives the dream under the angle of its realization and raises many barriers, including those of the social principles, with disconcerting ease. It is she who initiated the realization of this trip.
Education: Graduate in biology from the University of Geneva, specialization in Neurosciences 
Sports: mountain race, marathon, triathlon long distance "in progress"
Before departure / return: scientific collaborator at the federal Office of public health / postgraduate specialist medical genetics FAMH
His experiences at bike: the Ticino by bike (1992), around the Lake of Constance in tandem (2011), Lausanne-Florence in tandem (2012)
It has the counter: 3000 km
Previous trips: Japan, China, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, Canada, USA, Mexico, Cuba, Egypt, Morocco, and many European countries.
Languages: french, English, Italian, German and Spanish soon
She eagerly: pedal miles, travel light, Japan, Scandinavia and especially all marvelling eyes that we will pass
What she captures the most: the nights under the stars, small animals (15cm to 3µm), care in an emergency


She amazes... particularly faced with plunging views of Lake Geneva, on arrival at the summit of a collar and in front of a photograph of Saul Leiter.