Edgar described by Julie

The quote he has in his pocket:
"On the road, the best that can happen to you is to get lost. When it strays, projects are the surprises and it is then, but then only, that the journey begins. » - Nicolas Bouvier

ed.jpgOptimistic, idealistic, integrative and communicative, he is a follower of challenges and self-transcendence. Its sports history takes her to the clock below 40 beats per minute. He participated in marathons, Ironman or the patrouille des glaciers.

Always ready to lend a hand and with a great capacity to listen, he believes that "man is basically good. With a broad understanding of the principles of liberalism, he loses sight of the two determinants of its notices of sliced: ethics and ideal.

Accustomed from adventure in wilderness camping with his parents, brother and sisters, with a father who travels his atlas of the world at every opportunity and his mom who has eyes that glow as soon as we talk about travel, travel in the pure sense was already very present in her childhood home. After several experiences of 5 to 14 days by bicycle, he embarked, alone, on a journey of 12'500 miles to reach Beijing from Lausanne in 2008.

Education: Diploma HEC University of Lausanne, specialization Management
Sports: Athletics (800 m and marathon), long distance triathlon, cross-country skiing
Before departure and return: Consultant in the field of energy
His experiences cycling: Bresse bike (2000), 5 days in the mountain passes Alpine (2003), Lausanne-Nice and return by 21 passes Alpine (2004), Lausanne-Beijing (2008), Tour of the Lake of Constance in tandem (2011), Lausanne-Florence in tandem (2012).
There at the counter: more than 50'000 miles
Previous trips: Baltic hitchhiking (2006), Scandinavia (2009) as well as many other European countries
Languages: french, english and german
He eagerly: the passes of the Cordillera of the Andes, the crossing of Cambodia, eat in the small 'explorers' Asian Exchange not to mention using his hands.
What he apprehends most: the creeping beasts or more than four-legged
He amazed by... particularly a field of wind turbines, the rugged scenery and green spaces.