Leading ideas


Average old transport as the world, travel on bike represents a form of genuine travel: slow immersion, gradual transition between the different ecosystems and last but not least it arouses sympathy. Having wanted to test our tandem before the great adventure, we traveled several kilometers through our Swiss mountains and what a pleasure to already see the wonder (we will return) brighten the faces of walkers or villagers crossed enroute. It is understood cycling represents only an essential to our travel motivation.
Dreaming and wondering
The dream is often associated with the ideal, the wonder to a sense of admiration, Rapture.

What do we dream? How cherish and preserve our capacity for wonder of small children? What are dreams in our Western society? Can we speak of collective dreams? What influences have material values on our dreams? And especially what happens in different countries we will cross?

Many questions to which we will try to respond through a video report by asking on our way what are the dreams of each. We take little risk by ensuring that the answers will be amazing.
As for the wonder we hope that it will be the third traveler on our tandem! This ability to marvel is important to us and we want to share it with those who will follow us. When was your last wonder? If we come, not once, to transmit our wonder by our travel stories then our goal will be achieved.
Throughout our trip, we share moments of life, smiles or laughter with people we meet. These contacts will be essential to our trip and we will gladly tell them through our books of travel or on our return at conferences. We are particularly committed to share our experience with children and persons of the third youth from us. Thus, we will be followed throughout our trip by classes and circles for the 3rd age people.