Before: presentation dinner of our travel

Organized near Lausanne, this event will showcase more in detail our project during a meal. Particularly, we will present our detailed itinerary, our goals and our equipment. The capacity of the room is 200 people.

During: testimony underway

Travel diaries - see here
They will be a condensed version of our adventure in each country crossed. They will be published on our website on social networks as well as sent to all people registered in our newsletter.
Our stories in image and movement - see here
We filmerons some of our adventures and our meetings. We can make short (2-3 minutes) monthly videos that record significant events. They will be published on our website.
Newspaper articles - see here
We contacted swiss newspaper to retransmit our adventures.

After: sharing our experience on our return

In addition to sharing along the way, our adventures will be the subject of a photo slideshow or a film presented at our back in cycles of conference type "Exploration of the world", "Expeditions", in festivals of the trip by bike (Paris) or in private homes. We look forward to sharing our journey in an interactive way with audiences of all ages.
While returning from his trip Lausanne-Beijing in 2008, Edgar had been an immense pleasure in this form of "privileged" sharing where the story in image allows transporting the Viewer to the adventure, the dream and perhaps wonder. Presented to various audiences (children to seniors through Cross Cultural Management students at the University of Lausanne), its commented slideshow live received excellent echoes and was asked repeatedly until 2012. We will therefore benefit experience for all organizational aspects of submissions.
This sharing in the 'after' also extend some way our trip.
Our upcoming productions
Our photographs in different formats and extensions will be available on our shop online but also after each conference.
We carry with us the video material that will allow us to shoot of beautiful sequences of our journey. At the end of our trip, we want to make a film that will consist of 2 parts:
-What is the daily life of a traveller by bike?
-What are the dreams from here and elsewhere?
This film will be distributed in the form of DVD at each event to which we will participate.
And why not a book?
Inspired in part by our travel diaries and powered by our memories, possibly in the form of news and a theme yet to define, this book will bring one medium other than the image.
Meeting with the schools we have followed
Upon our return, we will go to the meeting of different institutions we have followed. We then present our film or our photo slideshow. These meetings will enable all to dive back into the travel diaries that we have shared and will be the opportunity to answer the questions of each.